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Nominate Your Favorite Wedding Sites for Our Comprehensive Wedding Resources Guide!

We are putting together a list of the top online wedding resources as determined and voted on by our readers and the wedding community.   Do you frequent any awesome wedding blogs for ideas on planning?   Do you have any amazing photographer, florist, venue, or other wedding related websites that are a “must check out” for any bride-to-be?

For the next week we will be taking nominations for the top 50 vendors in each category.   Please comment below or email us to recommend your favorite wedding sites.   Each site will be categorized and then our team of experts will scour and rank each site based upon usability, quality, uniqueness, fresh ideas and overall appeal.   We will be publishing our 2013 list of best wedding sites as a resource for our readers, and as a way to honor these sites for promoting awesomeness in the wedding industry!!

So please nominate your favorites so they don’t get left out!

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The Bachelorette Party: Dos and Don’ts

So you’re looking to plan a bachelorette party? Let’s make sure your bride’s last days of being a single gal is exactly what she was hoping for. And lucky for you, I got just the tips for you to make sure your night of fun doesn’t turn into a night of cat-fighting drama.



This would seem like the sensible thing to do but for those of you who want to surprise your friend make sure you at least know what she’s expecting or NOT expecting. Talk it through and listen to some of her ideas, of course you can throw in a few surprises here and there but just make sure the bride to be will not be offended or hurt by your party plans.


Girls just wanna have fun, right?! Well, all that fun can come at a price so make sure everyone is on the same page on what they’re responsible for. Generally around $50- 100 each bridesmaid is acceptable depending on how many girls you have and what the plans are. Have a little get together and ask what everyone is willing to put out as your budget may determine what you can do for the night. I’d also suggest getting the money upfront so there’s awkward asking of money when you’re just trying to have a good time.


It may seem like an awesome idea to go bar hopping when you’re planning but the truth is there’s a chance a good part of your night can be spent finding a taxi and getting everyone together, which is no fun at all! If you have the option to have a more private party choose it. Whether it be a friend’s house or a VIP lounge, you get to experience fun with your favorite girls rather than strangers. And perhaps a Spa Day or party games at the house seem more appealing anyways, so double win!


As soon as your bride asks you to organize her bachelorette party, send out a ‘save the date’ to all attendees and start making ‘to do’ lists, so that you can stay on top of planning. This is a very special time that allows her to simply relax and not have to worry about any wedding stressors so if you’re on the ball, her time will be

Have FUN!

Girls just wanna have fun! So maybe not everything worked out as planned but if you see the bride-to-be is having a good time then forget about all the little details that didn’t pan out and enjoy yourself.


Choosing the First Dance Song: 45 Song Inspirations




A Whole New World

Soundtrack “Aladdin”

Against All Odds

Phil Collins

All I ask of You

Michael Crawford

Always and Forever

Luther Vandross

All The Way

Frank Sinatra


Sarah Vaughan/Billy Eckstine

Beautiful in My Eyes

Joshua Kadison

Because You Loved Me

Celine Dion

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Elton John (Lion King)

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Elvis Presley

Chances Are

Johnny Mathis


Patsy Cline

Don’t Know Much

Linda Ronstadt/Aaron Neville

Endless Love

Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey

Every Woman In The World

Air Supply

Everything I Do

Bryan Adams

For Once In My Life

The Four Tops

Glory of Love

Peter Cetera

Groovy Kind Of Love

Phil Collins

Grow Old With Me

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Have I Told You Lately

Van Morrison


Bryan Adams

Here and Now

Luther Vandross

Here We Are

Gloria Estefan


Mariah Carey

I Believe in You and Me

The Four Tops

I Got You Babe

Sonny and Cher

I Swear

All 4 One

I Finally Found Someone

Barbara Streisand/Bryan Adams

I Was Made To Love Her

Stevie Wonder

I Will Always Love You

Whitney Houston

It Had To Be You

Harry Connick, Jr.

Just The Way You Are

Billy Joel

Love Will Keep Us Alive


More Than Words


My Girl


Never Gonna Let You Go

Sergio Mendes

Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

Glenn Medeiros

Now And Forever

Richard Marx

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now


On Bended Knee

Boys II Men

Only You

The Platters

Power Of Love

Celine Dion

Take My Breath Away


To Be With You

Mr. Big


Determining Your Perfect Wedding Date

Choosing the perfect wedding date is usually one of the very first things you need to decide on in wedding planning. When you imagine your perfect wedding are you seeing a ceremony filled with colorful Spring flowers or the soft sounds of waves crashing in the background of your intimate beach location? Perhaps you are thinking having a cozy Fall wedding or dreaming of a Winter Wonderland? That right there should narrow it down to what season you’re looking to celebrate in.

You may have to make some hard choices. If one of you really wants to get married on your anniversary, but it falls on a Friday, and the other really wants a Saturday evening wedding, you’re going to need to find a compromise. Each of you should rank what is most important to you. Perhaps there’s something else that one of you wants that you can trade for your choice of wedding date.

perfect wedding date

Dates to Avoid

Now before you think about the perfect date the last thing you want to do is have your wedding on Super Bowl Sunday, or on an important religious holiday. You want wedding guests to be happily present, not resentful or secretly listening to the big game. If your sister will be in the midst of college finals, or your parents will be in Aruba, that’s not a good wedding date. Don’t worry about too many people, only those who absolutely must be there. Here’s a great list of wedding dates to avoid so you won’t accidentally make a huge mistake.

Before Sending Save the Dates

If you really want your wedding ceremony at your church, or the reception at your town’s most beautiful hall, you’ll want to make sure they’re available before you start sending out Save the Dates. Most people won’t change their wedding date just because their favorite photographer isn’t available, but if that’s important to you, you’ll want to book him or her first before finalizing your wedding date. Not having the very best location or vendor won’t mean disaster, but their availability is at least something to consider. 

Symbolismon the Date

How romantic would it be to marry on the date your eyes first met, on the date you officially became a couple, or on your grandparents’ anniversary?  You may not be able to marry on the exact day you want; the venue you want may be booked or that special date could fall on a Monday — but you can probably get pretty close. Make sure you tell your guests about any significance of the timing in your ceremony programs!

Holiday Weddings

If you’ve always wanted a Nutcracker wedding, or you’re hot for a heart-covered wedding cake, sounds like you’re a holiday wedding couple. If you’re Irish, opt for March, when everyone is already in the St. Patty’s Day spirit. Try a wedding party in pastels and an Easter egg hunt in March or April. Have a Fourth of July celebration with flags, barbecue, and fireworks. A plus: Some holidays fall on long weekends, which might make it easier for out-of-town guests to attend. On the flip side, some guests may not want their holiday weekends upended by a wedding, so take that into consideration as well. While it may seem really romantic to be married on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or your or your fiancé’s birthdays, many couples have reported that, after years of marriage, they have felt cheated out of a holiday and an anniversary by scheduling their wedding date on a major holiday.


If you and your fiancé work, and you want to have a honeymoon after your wedding, it is important to schedule your wedding date around a time that both of you can take enough time off work to have that honeymoon after your wedding. If you are a teacher, summers might be best. For tax accountants, spring is definitely out.

 Let us know what your perfect wedding date is!



Don’t Forget The Balloons!

Having balloons at a party or any event always gives that extra awe-factor that your theme needs. But don’t just stick to the basic string and tie method, spice things up a bit and get unique with your balloon decor. Now that doesn’t mean hire a clown and create your guests balloon animals, unless that ties in with your theme, but even for adult parties balloons can still add a nice touch without feeling too childish.

Surprise in a Box

We’ve all heard of the ol’ big box trick where you hide a small present inside one big box. That’s a good idea but let’s make things even more interesting and surprise your friend with a show. If you are unable to make it to a party this would be a nice mailing gift but would also be just as great to watch the birthday boy/girl receive this fun-filled box as well.

When the recipient opens the special gift, they will release a flurry of balloons as s/he discovers the gift at the bottom of the larger box! Guaranteed to be a memorable presentation.

Use this gift wrapping idea on the day of giving to make that special gift even more memorable. Take a small gift (jewelry, car keys, etc.) and place it in a small box. Tape the small box to the inside bottom of a large box so it doesn’t move around. Flip the large box upside down and fill it with helium balloons one to two hours prior to giving the gift. Close the box, flip it back over and tape it shut. Wrap and decorate as desired.

Balloon Place Cards

This is a great idea for a party where you have a guest list ready or for a children’s party so the birthday child will not have to choose who will sit beside him/her in front of all the guests. You can also tie extra balloons and ribbon to the birthday child’s chair to mark the seat of honor.

Use a glitter or metallic pen to write guests’ names on balloons, and tie them to the back of chairs with ribbon as place markers. Black balloons tend to make things look more elegant but if you want to keep your color scheme you can also coordinate the balloons to match.

Balloon Inside a Balloon

I love the way this looks and it’s not nearly as hard as it seems. Take two balloons of contrasting colors. The second balloon should be the more translucent for the best effect. Roll the first one long ways and feed it into the second, but leave the neck sticking out. Slide both balloon necks over the helium tank’s tilt nozzle (one inside the other) and inflate to about 6 inches. Remove the balloons from the valve and tie off only the inner balloon. Push the knot over to the side and place only the neck of the outer balloon over the helium tank’s tilt nozzle. Inflate to about 9 inches. Remove the balloons from the valve and tie off the outer balloon. (Float time: 12 hours!)

 Balloon Archway

It is fast and easy to make a single line balloon arch with round balloons. For an 18-foot arch, figure about 30 seconds per balloon so under 10 minutes so it’s quick too! Your guests will get in the party spirit in no time once they walk through your creative design.

Directions: Begin by tying a weight to one end of curling ribbon and tie the other end temporarily to a chair back leaving several feet of space where you will tie on balloons. Helium fill a balloon fully and tie onto the ribbon about 12″ from the weighted end. Continue adding helium balloons along the line making sure there is about 1 inch of space between each balloon so they are not crowded but evenly spaced along the ribbon in a straight line. You can gently slide the balloons a little on the ribbon to adjust the spacing if needed. End the arch by tying another weight at the opposite end leaving 12″ between the last balloon and the weight. Tip: Each balloon on the ribbon takes up one foot of space. Depending on how far apart and how high you want the arch, you should figure 12″ per balloon. The number of balloons you fill/ the size of the arch will determine how many Balloon Time helium balloon kits you will need.

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Valentine’s Day: Last Minute Ideas

Okay, so it’s only 4 days before the most romantic holiday of the year. The day after Christmas we already saw the boxed chocolates and stuffed bears lining the aisles but perhaps you missed the memo and running late on ideas of what to do for your sweetheart. No worries, we got you covered and if you’re looking for some fun and unique things to do on Valentine’s Day check out just a few of our ideas below. But no matter what you decide to do to make your Valentine’s day special this year also remember to show your hunny some love year-round from our site.

Roller Skating

Most dates will be hitting the ice skating rink come Valentines Day, which is also fun, but go old school by taking your date roller skating instead. And I don’t mean just show up there bust out your tube socks and short shorts and get in the true spirit of the sport. The roller rink makes for a super-fun Valentines Day setting; you can hang out in the arcade, buy your date a candy necklace, and get cozy for a couple’s skate.

Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Design a sexy scavenger hunt for your hunny this Valentines Day. Create clues that lead to special places you’ve been together and reward them with sexy prizes. (Try recreating your first kiss.) Bonus: This can be completely free, and you’ll score major points for creativity, she/he won’t even realize you forgot about the holiday.


Bowling may not reek of romance, but c’mon, it’s fun! Throw back a few cold ones, grab some junk food and settle in for some healthy competition this Valentine’s Day. Make things a little more interesting by keeping score and promising the winner a Valentine’s Day “prize.”

Indoor Picnic

Skip the restaurant scene, where you’ll inevitably be stuck with an overpriced pre-fixe menu and a seat that leaves you knee-to-knee with other star-crossed lovebirds. Spend your Valentines Day dinner enjoying an indoor picnic instead. Spread out the blanket, break out the fancy accouterments — and don’t forget the bubbly.

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Scent-sensual Perfumes Perfect for the Wedding Night

All of us gals want to smell amazing but on your wedding night you should be looking for that extra something. These perfumes are what I think are the best way to show your man a good time. Depending on what kind of smell you’re looking for- be it sexy, tropical, sensual, romantic you should for sure check these fragrances for your wedding night. And just a tip: Spritz the inside of your dress before putting it on. When you move around the room or dance, you’ll always have a gentle fragrance around you.

Lancôme Hypnose Senses: Blow your new husband’s mind. It’s sexy and filled with pink peppercorns, rose petals and a touch of honeycomb, it is then paired up with a deep and woody base to take the sensuality up a notch.

Vera Wang Sheer Veil: Dainty and romantic brides, this one’s for you. It’s modern with a dreamy mix of Champagne rose and lavender plus gives your skin a soft touch.

 Giorgio Armani Onde Vertige: This fragrance is sweet and tropical much like a soft island breeze. This is soft, warm and heady, like walking through a Polynesian garden of white blossoms, gently unravelling in the steamy evening heat.

Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection Endless: Looking for something subtle and gentle?  This is light, bright, fresh and feminine – smells like walking into a flower shop.

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How to NOT Become a Bridezilla

There are plenty of how-to and beauty tips for the brides but we also want to make sure people will remember your special event and not the fact you became a Bridezilla. We know you want things perfect and organized but let’s not forget the more important reason behind the special day. Take a look at a few of our tips on avoiding the Bridezilla title:

Don’t become Superbride.

Being engaged is exciting but that also means you should think of other things besides wedding planning. You’re smart, you’re focused, you’re energetic. But you’re still one woman, eventually you will run out of steam and end up near the big day with favors unassembled, invitations unstamped, shoes undyed, heads uncounted. How can you avoid this fate? Call in your trusty sidekicks before you turn into a disorganized mess. Here’s a little secret: People want to help, wedding planning can actually be fun. So do yourself a huge favor and accept their kind offers.

Don’t be bossy with your bridesmaids.

In the most traditional sense, your bridesmaids, in particular your maid of honor, are there to stand up for you as you take your vows, to act as witnesses to this solemn event. Somewhere along the line, bridesmaids have become, well, more like a a more literal bride’s maid, and to an extent there’s nothing wrong with that.But there comes a time when a line is drawn and they are not responsible for running errands, being told how their hair must be, dishing out extra money for a gown you picked, etc. You should take into consideration how you would feel if the tables were turned and if you would want to deal with such a demanding bride.

Don’t plan a difficult destination wedding.

Ah, the lure of the exotic destination wedding—you can just picture it, can’t you? Hmmm, nice idea, but will Grandma and Grandpa be up for the trip? Will your college buddies drain their bank accounts to get there? No and no. Destination weddings can be amazing, but as with any wedding, it’s not only about you, it’s also about your guests. While some friends and families welcome and can also afford a destination getaway, others will end up resenting the cost and hassle and then simply decline the invitation. Make it easy for everyone by choosing a well-traveled destination close to home,  planning well in advance and providing information and help (securing group rates, for example).

Enjoy the fact you and your fiance will be spending the rest of your lives together, your wedding day is only the beginning; you’ll have many more years to make up for it if your wedding day doesn’t go off as planned.


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Girls Only: 5 Perfect Bachelorette Party Ideas

Girls just want to have fun, right?! So before the big day, in the middle of the bridal madness it’s time for you and your girls to have a night out or spend the day together forgetting all the craziness. It’s time for the perfect Bachelorette Party! Check out a few great ideas for your upcoming girls only day:

Girls Only Party

Throw a Sexy Panty Party

Stock the bride’s lingerie drawer by asking everyone to bring her something from the intimates department. When you send out the invite, let everyone know that it’ll be a panty-themed get together and be sure to include the lucky lady’s bra and undies size. Then gather everyone somewhere private to marvel at the prettiness, sexiness and crotchlessness as she opens up her presents.

Plan a Night of Comedy

Laughter is a great antidote to the stress of planning a wedding, so heading to the one place where it’s someone’s job to make sure you’re cracking up makes sense, right? It’s kind of genius. Just double check that it’s not amateur night before you book the seats.


Get the girls together for a luxurious weekend escape. I’m talking about a decked-out cabin in the woods or a chic chalet in the mountains. Throw in some fun bachelorette party games, a day trip to a nearby spa or small town, and, of course, some cocktails. And just because you’re out of the city doesn’t mean you can’t eat like you’re at a five-star restaurant: Enjoy your favorite snacks and desserts that you normally wouldn’t gorge out on.

Hilarious Photo Ops

When it comes to bachelorette get togethers, photos fall into two categories: pretty yet predictable group shots and candids that practically come with their own “no-Facebook sharing” policy. Get together with your girls and have your very own photo shoot with photos you can laugh about later on. Those are memories worth remembering.

Bliss Out at a Day Spa

Bachelorette Spa Day

Do I really have to convince anyone that a day of pampering would be nice? Probably not. And for those worrying about budget, the great thing about a spa day is that it allows the party participants to choose services that fit in their price range (on the low-end you’ve got manis and/or pedis; on the higher end, massages and facials). And for a festive touch, when you book, ask if you can bring in a couple of bottles of champagne to sip while you’re getting prettied up.

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Give Your Guests The Gift of Fresh Breath!

With our fashionable and personalized mint tins you can give your guests the gift of small goodies in style! Our selection of mint tins vary in so many different occasions and can even be personalized with up to 2 lines of text. Perhaps you’d like to fill the tins with minty goodness or sweet chocolates but your guests are surely going to thank you for the kind notion. Take a look at a few of the wedding designs we have available.

With this ring mint tin Black and White Wedding Mint Tin Sunset Mint TinHeart Mint Tin